Capital: Sha’ri (0)
Notable Settlements: Elfhallow (2,300), Ashingwood (1,920), Mistmeadow (1,100)
Ruler: Aesha Lithebow, senior woodsman of Elfhallow
Government: druidic government in exile
Languages: Common, Elven
Religion: Shalenari

Silvasteri is little more than a collection of villages lining the west and south treeline of the old Sha’an Wood. It is said to be the cradle of life, however, as the mythical god-built city of Sha’ri is supposedly somewhere within its borders.

If old elven stories are true, tens of thousands of elves as well as a goodly number of every other race, including the so-called firstborn Choren, are locked away in the god-city for all time. Whether or not you believe in such fantastical notions, it cannot be argued that the elven population today is a mere fraction of what it used to be, and Silvasteri is where they once called home.


Elven historians claim that the woods were once littered with elven villages, tending beautiful gardens in meadows and communing with the beasts who dwelt there in harmony. Their stories go on to say that on the day that Sha’Ri vanished, a host of frontierlings, monsters and stone terrors filled the forest and bathed the lush carpet in the blood of the elves.

Silvasteri spent the majority of early Garan history as peacekeepers. When the Dwarvo-Gobbley War began, it was the elves who first rushed to the defense of the goblin people in the hopes of negotiating a peace between the two nations. In fact, it is the elven participation in the war and the extensive records the dwarves kept of every battle that lends the most credibility to the elves’ claim regarding their once-mighty nation.

Throughout all the years since the war’s end, the remaining elves have repeatedly mounted expeditions into their former homeland in an attempt to reclaim their heritage. Some have pushed back the horrors within to reclaim large sections of the woods, but few such efforts succeed for more than a few years before being reclaimed by the monsters. Today, due to the dwindling population of elves, the settlements along the border serve little more than to defend the rest of the nations from incursions by the woodland beasts.


Even centuries after the fall of their homeland, Silvasteri is still recognized as a sovereign nation and has diplomatic ties with most of the other nations. The dwarves, however, no longer acknowledge their claim, partially due to their involvement in the war.

The patriots who still proclaim Silvasteri as their home follow the rule of three ancient druids and a priestess of Shalenari. These four people, along with a small contingent of diplomats spread throughout the other nations as representatives, are the direct children of the
last stable government of their nation and have spent their lives trying to live up to the legacy of their parents. As a government in exile however, they are more often than not beholden to Runelund law, as only Elfhallow resides within their own borders.


Sha’ri: The mythical city built by the gods to shelter the firstborn of Gara. Sha’ri is said to be a massive stone city with blue marble temples and ivory statues depicting the gods. A great castle rose up from the center of the city with towers reaching high above the tree tops where the High Priests and Priestess of the pantheon would spend long hours each day learning at the feet of the gods themselves. After the Life Blight, it is said the majority of the city emptied as the young races began to explore the world. Only the elves remained, and suffered for doing so.

Elfhallow: A small town on the border of Silvasteri. Elfhallow is one of the last purely elven settlements and the only one to have always been a part of Silvasteri’s official borders. It is for this reason the druids who once governed the elven people chose to establish this otherwise insignificant hamlet as their new home.


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