A small number of trade routes exist. Most settlements try to be self-sustaining or purchase what they need from neighboring settlements. Overland routes of two or three central towns in a region turn slight profits with produce and basic living needs, but the ocean-going vessels of the gobbley navy and those few enterprising human ships from Vaeril or Dolenport can amass fortunes trading in luxuries such as pearls, whale oil and other exotic trinkets.

Pearl Run: Perhaps the first permanently established trade route, the Pearl Run originally transported both black and pink pearls from the goblin city of Yeahk Shiro to the appropriately named human town of Pearl Port. In recent years, the rise of nearby Durbin as an economic hub and center for high fashion have seen the Pearl Run stopping in its harbors instead.

Coral Passage: Enterprising goblins from Yeahk Derfa began this route within the last decade or so. This route brings raw harvested coral into the ports at Yeahk Shaya and Durbin to sell to the dwarves who have recently taken to crafting exquisite pieces of jewelry from the sea-stones as they call them. The same ships will often collect completed coral trinkets to sell in Dolenport or Vaeril.

River Route: Smaller ships, usually with wide flat bottoms which ride higher on the water, often transport food, wool and lumber upriver along the lesser Vaelle from Brookepark and Lake Meriwald to Runelund City. Rarely, these entrepreneurs will continue upriver to Riviston, though the greater Vaelle flows much faster and the trip is often considered too difficult for most to consider.

Coast Run: Two separate routes share this name. The first begins in Vaeril and transports food, wool and religious baubles to Nuhavia. The second route begins in Dolenport and also ends at Nuhavia, though its cargo is predominantly lumber for the resource-starved frontier city. In both cases, spoils of the untamed wilderness are returned to their home ports and sold as trophies for affluent citizens who pretend to have once been Frontier Runners in their youth.


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