Mount Gnomik

Capital: Artifice (74,300)
Notable Settlements: Conjuration (11,630), Alteration (9,800), Evocation (4,870), Abjuration (4,330), Transmutation (4,140), Necromancy (2,700), Divination (1,400)
Ruler: Grand Magister Aslin Lorekeeper
Government: decentralized council of field-of-study masters
Languages: Common, Gnomish
Religion: Quellendira

Mount Gnomik is an unusual country than spans only the radius of a single mountain in the vast northern expanse of peaks. It is significant, however, for the contribution it makes on an hourly basis to the advancement of the civilized world’s lifestyle.

The gnomes of this nation have divided the mountain into hundreds of smaller villages and a handful of major cities. Each of these settlements is dedicated to the study of and experimentation in the field of one specific idea. The smaller villages are eclectic communities researching everything from the best shape for a frying pan to the proper curing techniques for various types of wood used in shipbuilding. The larger villages research specific magical applications, clockwork machinery and even the recent discovery of black powder and other alchemical discoveries.


Originally, the gnomish people shared the subterranean Ukagnas nation with the dwarves. These two races lived in harmony for a long time, until one day an experiment caused several miles of residential caverns to collapse, killing thousands of dwarves and gnomes alike. In horror of wheat they did, the gnomes fled the inhabited sections of their underground home. In time, they chose to leave the caves entirely and began settling the surface of the mountain in which they emerged. Thus was Mount Gnomik founded.


Just as each settlement is dedicated to a different pursuit of knowledge, each village and town is led by the most knowledgeable and often eldest living among their number. Usually, this leader is responsible only for organizing the experiments and sharing the collected results so that others may learn or improve upon them.

Twice per year, however, these local leaders gather in the great peak city of Artifice to discuss their findings, organize joint ventures with other settlements, discuss any world events and vote on the few laws which all settlements abide by.


Artifice: The de facto capital of the mountain nation. While Artifice is the largest of all gnomish cities, it is the meeting place of the Council of Masters for a much more practical reason: it is centrally located at the plateau of the mountain, equidistant from all other major settlements. It is unique among the gnomish cities as the only place where multiple fields of study come together with great regularity to produce a more complex result. Magically created and infused items, while rare in the world, are the chief study in Artifice but are by no means the only one.

Mount Gnomik

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