Humanity is perhaps the most unique and plentiful of the races. Humans are so diverse from one person to the next that it is nearly impossible to categorize them. One trait they do seem to share however, is ambition. It was the human race who first colonized the lands east of the Vaelle River, which until that time was the natural division between the civilized world and the ever dangerous frontier. Humanity was also the first race to establish more than one autonomous nation. This fact is due largely to the diversity of their people and inability to follow one universal leader. Countless micro nations litter the fertile lands between the former elven forest and the great river. Humans worship the entire range of gods, though most pay particular homage to Vaelle, the youthful god of honor, justice and ambition.

The largest human nation of Runelund claims the vast majority of the population, including a large contingent of people from every other race. Runelund City, the nation’s capital, is the largest freestanding stone fortification in the civilized world and is home to both the Headquarters of the Knighthood of Rune and a thriving metropolis of civilians. Runelund stands at the vanguard of the frontier, and boasts the world’s largest active military.

Vaeril, by comparison, is predominantly farmland and loosely ruled by a theocratic council of the Monastery of the Circle. It grows and exports nearly half of the civilized world’s food supply. While technically not a sovereign nation, Vaeril is expected to declare itself soon and already has diplomatic ties to each of the recognized nations.

Most micro-nations do not have their own armies and so rely heavily on the Runelund army for their defense.


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