If curiosity had a face, it would be gnomish. Though the dwarves are credited for architectural marvels and city design, the gnomes have advanced nearly every other field of study.

It was an elf who first discovered arcane magic, but the gnomes were the first to learn how to duplicate the effect through study without the aid of sorcery or godly intervention. Wizardry is the domain of gnomes and nearly all hopeful mages travel into the mountains to learn from a gnomish master.

Gnomes are inquisitive, industrious, and nearly fearless. They tend to consider every new face a familiar one and are quick to accept new friends. This aspect of their personalities often gets them into trouble however, as many unscrupulous people take advantage of them. Most gnomes consider such people to have committed the most grave of crimes and often seek to return the favor, so to speak. At little more than two feet in height, it is a simple thing for these ingenious folk to pop up where they are least expected.

Gnomish society is unique. After the disaster in Boktaria, the gnomish people traveled far into the mountains and high up the peaks finally coming to the tallest spire in the range, which they named Mount Gnomik and began to colonize it. They formed a council representing various fields of study and assigned each representative a region of the mountainside to build their labs and conduct their experiments on. Obviously, like-minded gnomes built their homes around these specified areas to form individual villages dedicated to a specific field of study.

Hundreds of such villages dot the spire and not a day goes by that fails to see a new marvel of art, magic or metallurgy. Once a year, on the summer solstice, the council meets at the summit to discuss their findings and deal with any international issues that may have come up. Because this meeting is held so infrequently, some governments, most notably Runelund, do not recognize its existence and consider it an extension of the dwarven nation.

Gnomes do not have any racial prejudices and seldom hold a grudge once they have settled any grievances they might have with someone, even going so far as to give the person a second chance at friendship. They have an unusually strong affinity to the Goblin people, as they feel profoundly guilty for what their ancestors did to them.


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