Little is remembered about Thrag outside of the few surviving goblin records found in the preserved Yeahk Sha libraries. It is said that he is the father of the Goblin Kingdom. After uniting the tribes and defeating a being known as the Great Cob, he declared the lands west of the dwarven mountains a free and sovereign nation under the rule of goblins.

Records do not make mention of Thrag’s actual race, but given the few descriptions found in the texts, it is assumed he was either a goblin himself or perhaps a gnome. He is said to wield a blade twice as long as he stood tall, but that a human could heft, with effort, in one hand. This information is supported by the ancient ruins attributed to him, known simply as Thrag’s Tower in the heart of what once was mainland Goblin Kingdom. Alas, these ruins have since become the lair of Gara’s best known, and most feared, dragon: Fotinar the Horned.

The former kingdom’s mainland capital, now also in ruins, was named for him as well: Yeahk Thraga.


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