King Christopher

Founder of Fort Chris.


King Chris was a hero of the early Frontier Runners. He defended the then-wooden walls of Nuhavia against the hoards of Frontierling assaults innumerable times. During the stalemate years where the fledgling city fell and was rebuilt several times, he stood at the forefront proudly challenging any who led the charge against humanity.

Chris was also a long-time friend of Jheralus, the founder of the Monastery of the Circle. During their adventuring years, Chris was inspired to become a king among men. While Jheralus insisted that his inspiration was forced upon him by hallucinatory dream fungus, Chris disregarded that claim to his dying day.

Though never actually achieving his goal of becoming a king in life, once his fortress town was completed and a ruler chosen among those who so valiantly defended the construction, Chris was posthumously declared the first king of the eastern watch.

Fort Chris was built on the east bank of the Vaelle River near the foot of the dwarven mountains, and stands against the frontier even today as one of Runelund’s vassal states.

King Christopher

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