The First Priest of the Circle.


Jheralus was an elf who claimed he once lived in Sha’ri and learned at the feet of the gods, taking in all of their wisdom equally. It is said that he was witness to the great city’s final days and that cruel war befell the marble walls, led by a woman claiming to be a Priestess of Dyvralyn.

Fantastic as this story may be, there is no other record of such a person to support the claim. It is laughable that the god of breaking waves and vile curses would accept the worship of any Child, which remains the dark spot on Jheralus’ otherwise pristine life story.

He was one of the very first Frontier Runners and had a hand in the gathering of the goblin tribes, the precursor to the Goblin Kingdom. He was a life-long friend of King Christopher, the founder of Fort Chris, and spent his waning years teaching others in the fashion of the Sha’rian scholars; establishing the Monastery of the Circle to pay homage to all five gods equally. The inclusion of Dyvralyn in that praise continues to stir up anger from time to time, even today.


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