Foreword: a World in Progress

At it’s simplest, Gara is a campaign setting at the dawn of civilization. That means, of course, that today’s players are going to be tomorrow’s iconic characters and next week’s legends. Each campaign changes the world; adding new settlements and exploring more of the world around them than the campaign before it. Nations rise up around our players or crumble before them. Your story makes a lasting impression on the overall setting’s timeline.

What you find here are the stories of campaigns that have come before you. Everything from the adventurous souls who stepped outside the god-city to explore their world for the first time to the assassin who sparked a centuries-long war, spanning multiple games and several adventuring parties before ending in the collapse of a kingdom that a previous party had spent so much effort in establishing… Gara’s story is yours to write.

While it is true that only Steve, the original author, knows what really happened the day before Gara came to be, everything from day one forward has been the result of a player’s action. Hopefully, once this site is complete, you too will be able to run campaigns and change the course of our collective histories. Well met.

Designer(s): Stephen Meyer
Art: Timothy Haggard, Richard Baldwin

The designers would like to recognize the contributions of Dustin Steele, Joshua Smith, Richard Baldwin, Kennith Mitchner, Alex Meade, Matthew Turland, Betsy Nees, Jennifer (Piper) Morgan, Angela (Smith) Kuethe, Mike Kuethe, Jamie Hutchison, Matthew Brown, Lars Logue and Anthony Hetzel. Thank you for the years of gaming together and your participation, however brief, in the early stories of Gara.

The Gara Campaign Setting is free to use and modify for personal private home use. No commercial use is authorized without the express written consent of Stephen Meyer.

This product is a work of fiction. Any similarity to actual people, organizations, places, or events is purely coincidental.

No copyrighted or trademarked material will be considered for inclusion in the official setting, including but not limited to proper names, races, items or events. Any material submitted to this site should be clearly marked as donated history, becoming the property of Stephen Meyer if it is used. In the event that it is added to the site and considered canon, the submitting author and/or their players will be credited. Anything not obviously and intentionally provided will not be included and remains the intellectual property of its creator.

©2001-2016 Stephen Meyer

Gara Campaign Setting

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